Anthony Mackie Starring in Captain America 4 Movie.


Anthony Mackie Starring in Captain America 4 Movie.

Anthony Mackie has signed with Marvel to star in Captain America 4. It is not yet known whether Sebastian Stan will star in the film, which will be written by Malcolm Spellman.

Marvel, which will continue the journey of its characters, which allows the audience to connect with this universe, has started preparations for a new Captain America movie. It was also claimed in the press for a period that Chris Evans would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the role of Captain America.

According to the latest developments; Instead of Chris Evans, we will watch Anthony Mackie in Captain America 4. Watching Falcon again in Captain America 4 is a development that will please Marvel fans.

It is not yet clear whether Sebastian Stan will take a role in the film, where the details of the subject are kept secret. Written by Malcolm Spellman. We will continue to share new news please follow the International Film Platform


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