Godzilla vs Kong Runs to Record …


Godzilla vs Kong Runs to Record …

Godzilla vs Kong has grossed close to $ 122 million worldwide since its release. 70 million dollars of this income belongs to the Chinese market. Tenet grossed a total of $ 53 million at the international box office during the same period and broke the first record at the box office for films released during the epidemic period.

The success of Godzilla and Kong, which met with audiences in about 39 countries, does not only come from the audience in China. Because Godzilla-Kong has also generated a considerable income in Russia, Taiwan, and India.

Adam Wingard is the director of the movie, which features two iconic monsters, Godzilla and King Kong, on the big screen.

Besides, IMAX-supported cinemas also contributed greatly to the success of the film.

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