Jodie Foster Wants to Make a Horror Movie Like Get Out.


Jodie Foster Wants to Make a Horror Movie Like Get Out.

In recent years, Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster, who has made a name for herself, made important statements about her career in a statement she gave a short time ago. She announced that she wanted to shoot a horror movie like Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

On the other hand, acknowledging that he has some guiding principles as a director, he also explained his approach to filmmaking as follows: “I want to feel that everything is absolutely real. Even if the illusion of a ghost appears, I want to have a tangible truth. This is how I measure and evaluate things. You find the truth of the character by asking your feelings, see if it really affects you.”

Foster, who puts great effort into reflecting reality in the films he shoots, also stated that he misses being on film sets as an actor.

We will see together what kind of project Jodie Foster will come up with in the later stages of her career.  We will continue to share new news please follow the International Film Platform


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