Let’s find out what surprises Netflix has prepared for us this month. Here are our suggestions for you:


Let’s find out what surprises Netflix has prepared for us this month. Here are our suggestions for you:

You should get excited for the new series Sky Rojo and The Irregulars to be aired on Netflix this month, and discover brand new worlds among much new content from documentary series to mini-series. Don’t forget that the nostalgic Ghostbusters series and romantic movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Five Feet Apart will also be added to Netflix this month!

This new series called Sky Rojo: Rojo is definitely a candidate to lock you in front of the screen as the new series from the creators of La casa de Papel. Do not miss the series, in which three women who escaped from his men with their chatterers embark on a crazy adventure to gain their freedom, on March 19.

The Irregulars: Sherlock Holmes and his comrade Dr. Did you miss Watson? Fantastic news for you, then! In this brand new series, Dr. Under the leadership of Watson and the not-so-visible Sherlock Holmes, an extraordinary group tries to solve supernatural crimes. The Irregulars is on Netflix on March 26th.

The One March 12, a brand new and bold matchmaking service set up by a group of DNA researchers who have discovered the way to find the perfect match, is on the air on March 19, featuring Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and other pilots competing in the 2020 season, as COVID-19 shakes the world.

And Who Killed Sara? On the 24th of March.

Other Netflix original films to be released in March 2021 are two comedies: Moxie, who both directed and will appear in one of the supporting roles by the famous comedian Amy Poehler, and a mother and father who generally said no to their children, “Yes!” To all their wishes for a day. We will watch Jennifer Garner in the lead role, which tells about a day full of fun and adventure. Yes Day.

Five Feet Apart, a romantic youth film starring Cole Sprouse, March 24,

Angels & Demons, which revolves around Rome with symbols and mysterious murders, is about the pre-The Da Vinci Code, 15 March,

Leave No Trace, which tells the story of a father-daughter who chose to live away from civilization in a forest, is among the things you can watch on Netflix this month on March 29th.

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