Paramount took action for the Apartment 7A shootings.


Paramount took action for the Apartment 7A shootings.

Relic’s directors Natalie Erika James and  is the partner of Apartment 7A. The duo will jointly produce the film, which will be shot by the Paramount Actors. There is no official statement about the subject of the movie yet.

Regarded as one of the best horror movies of last year, Relic’s director, Natalie Erika James, will write the screenplay for Apartment 7A within Paramount. Together with John Krasinski, who signed A Quiet Place, he will also produce Apartment 7A.

A Quiet Place 2, the new movie by Apartment 7A producer John Krasinski, has yet to be released. The movie was delayed multiple times due to coronavirus barriers. It is currently unknown when the Apartment 7A will be released. However, we think two successful names will do a good job.

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