Preparations for The War Magician Movie Continues …


Preparations for The War Magician Movie Continues …

The cast of the movie “The War Magician”, which has been in the project phase for a while, is in the process of taking shape. Benedict Cumberbatch will star in this movie and our director is Colin Trevorrow, who we know from the Jurassic World series.

Nicholas Mariani is writing the screenplay for the movie based on David Fisher’s novel. Inspired by a true story, the focus of the film is the life of Jasper Maskelyne. The Magic Gang team, including Jasper, unites with troops on the Suez Canal front in World War II and changes the course of the war. At the start of the war, Jasper joins the military engineer team and manages to be part of a larger operation with his illusions. When he starts performing at a theater to motivate soldiers, he soon enters Hitler’s blacklist.

We hope that “The War Magician”, which has long changed its director and production company, will start shooting as soon as possible with the latest developments.

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