The trailer for Yakuza Princess is out!


The trailer for Yakuza Princess is out!

The official trailer and poster of Yakuza Princess, starring Japanese-American singers MASUMI and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has been released. Crime Thriller-style Yakuza Princess will premiere at the Fantasia Festival on August 18 and 20, before releasing on September 3.

MASUMI plays an orphan who learns that he is the heir to one of the most powerful Yakuza crime families in the world. The family is very powerful and literally controls half of the criminal organization. The trailer opens with the character played by Rhys Meyers waking up in the hospital with suspicious scars on his face after losing his memory.

In addition to MASUMI and Rhys Meyers, Yakuza Princess has added Tsuyoshi Ihara to its cast. Adapted from Danilo Beyruth’s comic book Shiro, the film is directed by Vicente Amorim and written by Fernando Toste and Kimi Howl Lee. The movie will be released on September 3. We will continue to share new news please follow the International Film Platform


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