There are movies that the Academy ignored at the Oscar Awards this year!


There are movies that the Academy ignored at the Oscar Awards this year!

Specifically, it was expected to be nominated from the independent film quota, but was ignored by the Academy; Sundance award winner Kajillionaire Miss Juneteenth, who has signed various projects as an actress and writer, and has also produced Saint Frances films starring Miranda July and Kelly O’Sullivan, drew attention with her failure to be nominated.

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Never Rarely Search is the title of the movie. Directed by Kelly Reichardt, Sundance award-winning Palm Springs, reminiscent of Groundhog Day and conquering audiences during the outbreak, aired on Amazon Prime Video and made a big hit on social media, and made Andrew Patterson’s first feature film. film. Dick Johnson Is Dead, which stands out in the documentary category, has set a new course with Charlie Kaufman’s script and character with the signature of Kirsten Johnson, which attracted attention with the 2016 production The Vast of Night and the 2016 production Cameraperson. It delights the audience with its script and character setup. Films such as the most talked-about I Thinking to Finish were not shown during the year.

Emmy award winner Julia Garner, who exhibited admirable acting in The Assistant, which is also shown as one of the best films of the year, plays the famous writer Shirley Jackson in Josephine Decker’s latest film, The Invisible Man. last year. Actors such as Elisabeth Moss, who made a name for herself with her performance in Eliza Scanlen, Babyteeth, who attracted attention with her successful performance in Eliza Scanlen, Ben Affleck and Aubrey Plaza who received positive reviews for her performance in The Way Back, the actress who dragged the film with her admirable performance in Black Bear could not be nominated.

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