‘Twilight of the Dead’ comes to life…


‘Twilight of the Dead’ comes to life…

As is known, Twilight of the Dead was George A. Romero’s Last Project. Suzanne Romero, the wife of the film director who passed away in 2017, is working with several writers on the script and is now considering planning meetings with the directors … In 1968, filmmaker George A. Romero introduced the zombie genre with the movie Night of the Living Dead.

Few knew that he developed Twilight of the Dead, which is expected to be his last film on the genre before he died of lung cancer in 2017 at the age of 77. The filmmaker’s wife, Suzanne Romero, has developed the script with three screenwriters and is ready to meet with the directors.

To complete the zombie epic of her husband George A. Romero, Suzanne Romero expressed her feelings by saying, “This is the movie she wants to make. This will be a real George A. Romero movie with someone else carrying the torch as the director.” Suzanne Romero continues to run the George A Romero Foundation, which aims to preserve the producer’s legacy and empower independent filmmakers.  We will continue to share new news please follow the International Film Platform


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