What awaits the cinema industry in 2021!


What awaits the cinema industry in 2021!

With isolation and movie theaters closed in many countries, audiences were forced to watch films at home. According to a reliable source; the first of these is to think that 2020 is not an anomaly for the industry, but the beginning of a serious transformation. Technically speaking, the development of television and satellite broadcasts had similar effects in this sector before. Now, the coronavirus has indeed started the beginning of an irreversible path for cinemas.

Even if everything goes well in terms of the pandemic, it is an inevitable fact that the revenues from the halls will decrease considerably if we consider that more productions are now entering the houses of the audience directly through the platforms.

The Coronavirus outbreak has deeply affected the cinema industry. In 2020, many films postponed their release date or met with the audience on a digital platform. What happened is really the beginning of a serious transformation in the sector. Different scenarios continue to be discussed for 2021. At the beginning of these; The decrease in the revenues to be obtained from the halls, the increase in digital platform revenues, the bankruptcy of studio companies, and the decrease in the actors in the market are just some of the possibilities.

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